getting ready to spring!

Welcome to the Imaginarium

It is lovely to welcome and receive you for a look around at what we are dreaming and loving into being. Once, earlier on, we temporarily landed on Planetarium Imaginarium for our name. We evolved into Imaginarium Network, but it is good to think of us like a planetarium imaginarium, for we are dreaming a life for all beings in the earth plane, working together naturally.

We are about 9 months old now, having begun to gestate in June of 2021. At first we just wanted to talk to people about waking up, and as soon as we started doing that amongst ourselves, this vision began to emerge.

For each of us involved, this emergence is both a personal and group experience. We lean into something – a topic, a task, some dreamtime – and while we do we look ourselves in the mirror. We look our output in the mirror. We are getting the wild nature university’s path of learning, and our credentials can only be shown in our wellbeing, our innovating, our joy and our wisdom.

Humanity is in the midst of a radical awakening, healing and becoming process. It was per-ordained if you ask the prophets, it’s mythic, and it’s here right now for the living. Many of us know this for sure already.

We are going from an existence of following top=down so-called authority to remembering that we are each our own authority – as in the the author of our own life, as in the being responsible for how we use our personal power, what impacts we have, how good, how true, and how beautiful.

All of our systems and beliefs are the product of an old world. The new world rising up through us from the roots of the living realm contains no control, no evil sacrifice, no burning fires of hell for going wrong.

Nature’s world order is in perfect geometry, relationships are honourable, and all souls are valued as they are.

We must see clearly that which we’ve coveted that causes harm and say our goodbyes. Let go.

Nothing is lost my friends. Nothing. And everything is gained. Ever toxic let-go lifts us ever higher. The me-me-me time is done.

There is a fine line between claiming one’s power and responsibility and fighting to be seen and heard. One is leader and the other rebel, one warrior and the other victim.

What we create in the Imaginarium Network is to support our waking up, our reclaiming the dream for ourselves and together, remembering compassion and wellness and love. It is about our remembering that we are responsible for ourselves, and to choose the authentic intelligence that is our Nature, ever day, every moment. It is the economy. It is the health department. It is the judiciary. It is the police. It is the accountant and the accounting. It is easy. It is life.

Our new world may share characteristics with the old world, geometry that is immutable and can be used for equilibrium or dizzy spells. But it’s also very different in that the needless suffering is absent, usury a distant memory, violence too. We are all creating as the unique beings we are, looking after ourselves and those we care about as we do. We are not acting out of wounding or lack. We don’t compete or opine.

We are living fully alive through care of personal vitality and responsibility. We each have our perspective, our imagination, our insights and intuitions. We are each needed just as we are and appreciated. Life is good.

So here we are and here we go. When you join the network you’re part of a family of beings who care about each other. You are fully welcome. There’s a member of the village or two who will be there with you just right as you make the choice to change your fate.

The only Peace Train there ever was, is or will be is Nature’s Timeline. It’s innate. It’s law. It’s immutable. It’s ours. Welcome home.

A lodge for evolutionary travelers

At the core of our work is a modern day lodge – beginning with a cluster of internet and community based offerings that nourish, inspire, and connect conscious evolutionary travelers in the ways of our natural timeline in real time. We are figuring out how to be the new news, the new learning, the new teaching, the new councils, the new market and economy, Our target is life — organic, heart-based and thriving.

A Right
livelihood collaboration

We are pioneering structure, activities and agreements to fashion practical collaboration as individuals engaged in Right living into a natural, wise, imaginative, possible and fortifying experience.

A natural
economy in the making

As our body of work and reciprocity grow beyond the needs of The Imaginarium Network infrastructure and workers, a fund for evolutionary activities and projects will prime the pump for others engaged in active manifestation of our new world with nature.

A consciously collaborative network

Tying us and these ideas together is intuitive and purpose driven networking hubs, both online and in person, where we can connect in geographical, topical, purpose-driven and collaborative groups to materialize naturally healthy culture and economy.

Is your imagination aroused?

There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

Victor Hugo