Introduction & Call to Connect

How exciting to make this first post, and to connect you with our YouTube channel and first video. If you’ve got 38 minutes or thereabouts and the interest, this video gives you a chance to hear some storytelling about our origin and nature and shows you how you can connect.

My name is Patti Lindgren, host of the Big Medicine Show. I am one of the three initiators of the Imaginarium Network and core team member in the position of Holistic Leadership Coordinator. I am combining my experience as a creative project and organizational development facilitator in the old system with twelve years of personal evolutionary work in preparation for the new natural timeline now materializing. I am passionate about living with an open mind, instinctively illuminating truth, genius and possibility. I believe in the powers of love, togetherness and wisdom to take us everywhere good. Healthy natural co-creation in community – what I often call natural and village intelligence – are one of my core themes.

Enjoy. ~Patti


Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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