Getting ready to spring – update and call to action Jan 26/22

Hello! We have been working in the underneath and behind the scenes with dreaming, remembering and collaborating. This is a brief update to catch us up and call for action. Please make sure you take in the text in the image in order to glean the full message in today’s little missive.

We are feeling very good about how the Imaginarium Network is developing. Each time we gather, which is twice per week for many of us, a little more of what is to unfold here shows itself. With this steady illumination, the vision and articulation of everything Imaginarium shifts to convey more of the fine notes in this natural emerging little eco-system of co-creating.

Our team is growing at a comfortable pace and the evidence of this growth is about to begin to show itself in our output in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Here with me in the circle of co-creators so far are:
Linda Cimpric (Saskatchewan), whose interest lies in new methods for learning
Crystal Baschak (Saskatchewan), whose interest lies in elder care and engagement
Jani Burgess, (Saskatchewan) a sovereign warrior type who supports project coordination and administrative functions
Sheryl Olson (Saskatchewan) who is interested in community engagement and spiritual/emotional wellbeing.
Winston Smith (Alberta) who is working on developing our technical infrastructure, which includes an online community with a marketplace and forums.
Jon Ellis (British Columbia), helping with the Wisdom Council and development of Imaginarium Network agreements.

Together we form the acting council for the project development and hold ourselves accountable for management and quality. More contributors are in the process of being received, and we expect our spring months to be a brisk period of growth in people, content offerings and value co-created for all of us. We look forward to beefing up our ranks so that we can all become very good at the particular areas we possess interest and abilities for and spend less time holding the entire Imaginarium in the round.

In February we will be opening up a regular online offering for people who want to experience a meditative and connecting experience that has emerged organically in our weekly personal connection calls. It is proving itself to be an experience that reactivates and exercises our capacity for dreaming the future and connecting as co-creators to bring those dreams into the world.

In March we will host our first in person gathering which has a working title of Sovereign Saskatchewan Summit – Getting Ready to Spring. This is a village style event where everyone is welcome. We will be formally announcing it within a few days time. The design we’re sketching for it is very enlivening, holistic and exciting.

Though the network is not bound by any geography, we do happen to be emerging primarily out of Saskatchewan people at this early time, hence our piloting of this event format with people in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Imaginarium Network is an emerging association for co-creating healthy livelihoods and communities together while practicing natural law and natural intelligence.  

Our call to action for you at the time is for help increasing our ability to reach people with word about what is happening here and opportunities to engage. We would appreciate your assistance in sharing this message with others and inviting them to check out the website to see if and how they might fit in themselves. We have some growing needs for helpers in key areas of priority and as participants in our offerings. They are listed in the image with this post.

Your help spreading the word is much appreciated!

Newsletter subscriptions are free and without commitments — a great way to learn about us and stay abreast of developments so that you can latch on in the way that’s right for you in the timing that works for you. You can also like our page on Facebook and be part of our organic community engagement team by interacting with and sharing our posts from there.

Please see the image for the pressing needs in our present state of emergence, and if you are a person with abilities in any of these areas or the others as described on this page of our website, please express your interest to us now.

We hope to greet you at an online or in person event very soon and look forward to with you in social media as well.

The spirit of humanity is lifting, our sight is clearing, and the future is ours to dream and co-create. Blessings for your journey through this time in our revival. We hope you find the Imaginarium Network helpful. May you be safe and well.

Patti Lindgren, (Saskatchewan) Holistic Leadership Coordinator
and the Imaginarium Network Team
Linda, Jani, Sheryl, Crystal, Gary and Jon


Published by Patti Lindgren

Conscious evolutionary player on the board of life to a rewilding woman beat. I'm calling out the elephants in our rooms, contributing to humanity's course of illumination and change, seeing through the game we've been playing and remembering what it means to be fully human in a fully lived human experience in my time.

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