Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is for human life unfolding naturally, consciously attuning with nature’s frequencies and patterns to generate health and vitality in people and communities of all kinds.

Our mission is to pioneer a structure for evolutionary co-creators to combine their talents, skills and dreaming into the creation of a content and connection network that delivers opportunities for learning, sharing, healing, collaborating and economy in service to life itself.

Our network members are anyone with an interest in grassroots evolutionary conversations and connections that ignite people, partnerships and projects on the natural timeline in real time. We claim our personal responsibility for personal authority and Right use of power in service to the the healthy interests of all.

What is the natural timeline, what are nature’s frequencies and what do Right and conscious evolutionary mean?

Nature has always been and will always be unfolding in natural time. Human creativity is presently serving an artificial timeline and authority – a copy of what nature does.

It doesn’t work. There is widespread suffering and lack where there should be wellbeing and abundance for all.

The artificial timeline is full of controlling entities with rules and regulations that are not backed by the human spirit and nature’s laws. Everyone works for money, there are winners and losers, and life itself has no standing in the official and accepted scales of merit and desire.

Nature’s timeline among the human family is an expression of the real needs and resources of living beings. In our case, we the people – men, women, children and elders in groups are the originating architects and builders of community, relationship and creativity.

There are no winners and losers on nature’s timeline. Life is not a competition, resources are not scarce, we are always generating and natural law and justice immutably keep time and form.

Natural law just is, and it is the most powerful, benevolent and resilient source of energy, instinct and intellect available. Right, with a capital R is a word that describes natural law relationships of benevolent value, doing no harm.

Nature’s timeline communicates with living beings through frequency and vibration. Listening for nature’s frequencies and patterns is how we remember our natural state and intellect. The moons and the seasons, water, fire, earth and air, for example, are a good places to start put your attention on coming back present with what is authentic and immutable in you and in our living experience.

Conscious evolution means to come fully present in your being, become conscious of yourself and life unfolding around you in the moment and in context, and to choose to evolve personally with purpose and attention for life itself. A conscious evolutionary traveler doesn’t leave the future to chance and corruption by members of the huckster mafia running the artificial timeline we’ve known.

The conscious evolutionary traveler accepts personal responsibility for his or her part in re-writing the future in synch with nature’s intelligence.

The Imaginarium Network is a private members’ association for the purpose of reminding us all that we are the authors of our own lives, responsible for our own safety and the way we derive value through participation.

Memberships are $5 per person, $10 per family and $25 per business per year.

Our History

We sprung up out of the Canada Circle in the Brave New Life Community in the Summer of 2021. We are a slowly emerging project based in dreaming and practical movement toward the achievement of our dreaming.

We are now beginning to make offerings now, and to invite others to engage with us in the step by step unfolding of our new world.

Can you feel how the people’s new economy and new world starts with us?

Many of us are reaching a point where we are ready to share our talents and abilities in service to the natural timeline.

If your livelihood and resources are presently invested in the status quo and you would prefer to see them put to better use, we would love to hear from you.

If you feel like you’re floating in the void between worlds and you’re ready to ground in the new one, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are 16 or 60 or 95, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are a scientist, an artist, a technogeek, a connector, communicator, healer, leader or warrior or worker, we want to hear from you.

It’s not the way life has been unfolding, but it is the way that nature works – the unique benefits YOU bring to life are the very things that make currency, life and community hold any worth at all.

We get how it can feel like the only safe thing, holding on to the old paradigm. But it’s not safe, and it’s not joyful, and it’s not generative. At some point, we must leap.

Here in the Imaginarium Network portal to our new lives unfolding, we invite you to seize the day by shifting your attention and service to your new life attuned to nature’s frequencies, patterns and timeline.

Welcome to
Imaginarium Network!

Where you will be welcomed to join in with the growing of a borderless village where the value of individual and collective creativity has the nourishments it needs to sprout, grow, bud and bloom.