Spring Summit Media Release

MEDIA ADVISORY For Immediate Release The Imaginarium Network (IN) presents Sovereign Saskatchewan Summit, March 4,5 & 6, 2022February 11, 2022, MANITOU BEACH, SK — The historic venue of Danceland on the shores of Saskatchewan’s healing lake, Little Manitou, meaning little god spirit, is the location for an event designed to bring the people of SaskatchewanContinue reading “Spring Summit Media Release”

Getting ready to spring – update and call to action Jan 26/22

Hello! We have been working in the underneath and behind the scenes with dreaming, remembering and collaborating. This is a brief update to catch us up and call for action. Please make sure you take in the text in the image in order to glean the full message in today’s little missive. We are feelingContinue reading “Getting ready to spring – update and call to action Jan 26/22”

Introduction & Call to Connect

How exciting to make this first post, and to connect you with our YouTube channel and first video. If you’ve got 38 minutes or thereabouts and the interest, this video gives you a chance to hear some storytelling about our origin and nature and shows you how you can connect. My name is Patti Lindgren,Continue reading “Introduction & Call to Connect”