Content Creators & Contributors

A worthy purpose and great infrastructure with natural talent and wisdom at the forefront.

All of these roads in the foundation of the Imaginarium Network lead to extraordinary animation with content. The Imaginarium is calling for evolutionary leaders who cover the gamut of possibilities in a world of death and birth moments where awakenings happen and timelines change.

We are looking for relevant, expansive, meaningful and motivational content for broadcast, publication, and enrollment that helps keep the evolutionary wheel turning in the way of genius in good timing.

Whether you are a journalist, conversationalist, sensemaker, story teller, artist, educator, leader, explorer or any other kind of curious and nourishing evolutionary being, we want to hear from you and about you.

We are interested in meeting you whether you are emergent and in need of a good team, seasoned and looking for a new platform to proliferate your great work, or a casual contributor with occasional suitable content.

Please submit an expression of interest that includes a heart-felt co-creator’s proposal and samples of or links to your work to