E-transfer Instructions

(Fees for memberships only, no event ticket, can be found below.)

Please email your payment to:


If you are prompted to create a security Q&A, please use the following:

Q: The event will be a

A: Summit

Fees are as follows:

Post-Secondary Student = $30 ($25 + $5)
You will be asked to produce a current student card in your name to verify your status.

Individual = $55 ($50 + $5)

Family = $85 ($75 + $10)

*Free admission for children under 18 who are accompanied by an adult

Business = $125 ($100 + $25)
A business membership will increase your access to business tools in the online network when it is ready (ETA March 2022) and at future events (ie. trade show participation). For this particular event, there are no additional benefits for businesses. Your choice to register as a business for this event is purely to increase the income and therefore the capacity of the Imaginarium Network to fulfill our mission and serve the health of people, communities and the natural world. You may register as an individual this time and upgrade to a business membership at a later date if you so desire.

Please include the name you registered with in the note field to help us match your payment to your registration form.

If you are not purchasing a ticket for the summit but wish to purchase an annual membership, fees are as follows:

Individual = $5

Family = $10

Business = $25

Once you have sent the e-transfer DON’T FORGET to complete the member registration form here.

If you have any problems completing the registration process please send us an email and we will be happy to help.