Our children drive the dreaming here, and every one of our actions.

This is your chance to make a wise investment in

the ripples of you.

If you’ve gotten this far then you are ready, like we are, to choose the ways that make more life for everyone. 

Thank you for coming to this page. 

You see the vision and mission of the Imaginarium Network and feel the vibe on the pages that surround this one.  This image above is reason, and the one below adds a little context for where we are coming to feel ourselves in the shift to natural earth living.

There’s not much more to say until we expand over connections and collaborations, testing and building out the infrastructure for living the Imaginarium’s Nature through.

We are ready to receive resources that spark and water this Right livelihood and relationship community project – our new economy for those who think in those terms. Whether you wish to make an investment of currency, services, product or something else, we are open to entertain offers. 

At this juncture, what we need most is some expertise in facilitation, technology, community engagement, business models and finance. We will apply none of these assets in the way of the old paradigm, and so whatever comes will meet a naturalizing process that is able to make the most of what’s out there as clever leverage into the natural thinking paradigm where benevolence and life unfold in partnership and self-propelling perpetuity.

Think private member’s associations for trade and community works, positive AI for aiding with connection and flow, currency created through good will and works rather than debt, investments in people, health and community rather than corporations and the destruction of earth.

Thank you for watering the workers and the project. Together we serve all who are learning to navigate the invisible bridge between worlds. 

Please reach out to us with a note expressing your investing interest to to start our connection. Make sure you have subscribed as well so you don’t miss news and content releases.

A web-based contributing option will be available soon.