Jump in.

When we launch formally you will be able to:

Ride for Free – With access to previews, shorts and special features from Imaginarium content and offerings. All we ask is that you like and share links to the Imaginarium Network in the social fabric of your own networks.

Ride with Gratitude – You will have an all access pass to Imaginarium base content for a monthly subscription – including a conscious marketplace, searchable database, and forums for conversation and organizing. From here you are free to exchange and trade with anyone in the network.

For now, simply begin by adding your name to our mailing list to stay in touch with news of our development, offerings and needs.

Help create the honest conversations that nourish our dreaming and help us with problem solving and connection on Social Media now.

Connect with Imaginarium workers and members on social media.

life…up an octave.

Manifest your own Right livelihood in a healthy community.

Work with us.

You’re ready for something amazing. You’ve got natural abilities, relevant skills, and the willful desire to be on purpose in a collaborative community where new life and new world dreams come through. We’ve got a structure building that welcomes and connects the interests, abilities, talents and dreams of conscious co-creators across a juicy variety of needs and opportunities. This is self-organizing organic co-creating on purpose. Be warned – you will have to check your old beliefs and bags as you lean in to embrace the unknown and claim the future.

Donors Investing in the Future of Life

You are excited about what you see here. You want to be part of the Imaginarium materializing in the world because when you say you care about people and our future together you do so from a place of grounded and centered in reality. You have resources to share that the Imaginarium will turn into more life happening in the plane. You’re ready to help the dreaming come true with resources, trusting in the process, open to outcome.

Wisdom Council & Spiritual Care

You are wise, responsible and compassionate. You know something about how the world works and its important. You want to contribute your love to the life in the plane and you’d like it to be somewhere real with a very long tail and a wide wake. The Imaginarium needs a team to hold the team accountable for staying on the track of good, true and beautiful.