Member Agreement Statement

Statement of member agreement for membership with
Imaginarium Network

Membership is required to attend our events.

Why a private members’ association?
A private members’ association reminds us all that we are moving into an era of personal responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones in all matters.

Personal responsibility helps to liberate all of us from the harmful patterns of entitlement, apathy, and disrespect that are so prevalent in the world we are leaving behind, and help to motivate us for responsibility, participation and respect as we move forward.

While this agreement serves as the foundation for each individual’s relationship with the Imaginarium Network and its members, it can also be used as a foundation for the other personal relationships in your life.

Please read and agree to the below

By clicking I agree and continuing on to the payment and registration I acknowledge that the Imaginarium Network is a private members’ association founded in principles of self-governance, personal responsibility and shared responsibility for healthy co-existence in community and as such I agree that I will be personally responsible for:

1. the safety and security of myself and for minor children I bring with me to Imaginarium Network activities online and in person (for family membership, you are agreeing on behalf of the other adult member as well.)

2. the value I derive from membership and the understanding that this value is mine to create through participation.

3. using my voice to express myself authentically and being a respectful audience for the expressions of others.

4. engaging always in good faith with the Imaginarium Network and its members for all conversations, activities and trade.