Postponed TBA: Sovereign Saskatchewan Summit

Over a combination of factors that including the Trans-Canada Freedom Chain recently scheduled at the same time as our event for the same primary audience, we have made a clever adaptation.

We already had a venue and we already had a band, so we’ve trimmed away the summit activities and left a potluck and dance that includes the whole family.

Check it out!

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Remember what it feels like to connect, co-create and celebrate in synch with self, nature and each other…

The Sovereign Saskatchewan Summit
Getting Ready to Spring

The Imaginarium Network is an emerging initiative where relationships that are naturally intelligent and lawful are explored, nurtured and practiced, expanding everyone’s capacity for responsible, creative and naturally rewarding living for all.

Our team is very happy to be presenting our first in-person event in service to the healing and reunification of our relationships, economies, and communities in Saskatchewan.

This pilot event is for the people of Saskatchewan because the Imaginarium Network is coming into being through a number of Saskatchewan people and this is our region of personal responsibility. The Imaginarium Network itself is borderless.

We encourage other regions to join with us in hosting similar gatherings close to home and will support those efforts with the talents and experiences we are accumulating in the hub of the Imaginarium Network.

We plan to host 4 summits per year with one in each of spring, summer, autumn and winter, re-establishing connection, a grassroots commons and celebration in synch with nature’s four primary seasons. We will report on our activities and share the cultural remedy with people in all regions of the world who are interested through Imaginarium Network activities in The Lodge, online and in person.

On this weekend in spring of 2022 we will have a lived experience of village intelligence that includes:
– connection, conversation, celebration and co-creation as we combine nature, art, words, dancing and feasting with conversations that matter.

These are the questions at the heart of our intentional discourse to illuminate the intelligence which animates us:

  1. What are the most effective conversations we the people can have to bring peace, natural vitality and a healthy people’s economy to Saskatchewan?
  2. Which of these conversations do I want to be part of furthering and what do I have have to say for starters?
  3. How can I contribute to the process in a timely and relevant way, feeling natural, inspired, and more alive, not less?

Healthy assemblies of communities of all sizes linked together in logical ways for resource sharing are a natural way that we the people can claim the reigns of personal responsibility shared for the well-being of all on these lands.

We intend to engage individuals and families who inhabit Saskatchewan’s many settlements and rural routes. This event is village style, which means that all members are needed and welcome – men, women, elders, children and the natural world.

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Join us as we spring back to life in synch with nature…



10 am
Exploring nature and the elements.

BYO bagged lunch

1 pm
Afternoon LEARNING
Drawing and painting our experiences with nature and each other.

4:30 pm
BYOB arrivals reception

6:00 pm
Chili supper provided

7:15 pm
Opening Remarks

7:30 pm
What are the most effective conversations we the people can have to bring peace, natural vitality and a healthy people’s economy to Saskatchewan?

Closing time
Whenever we’re done.


10 am – Pick one
Working with words and stories.
Which of these conversations do I want to be part of furthering and what do I have to say?

Potluck Lunch, Soups, salads and sandwiches

2 pmPick one

Afternoon LEARNING
Co-creating a gallery
How can I contribute to the process in a timely and relevant way, feeling natural, inspired, and more alive, not less?

3:30 pm

5:30 pm
Potluck Supper – hot dishes, salads, dessert

6:30 pm
Gallery opening
Open Mic for groups and projects (3 minutes each + Q&A)

8 pm
Dance to the music of Saskatoon’s The Assless Chaps making their debut.

Closing time
Whenever we’re done.


10 am
Closing Circle
Imaginarium Next Steps

Potluck Leftovers Brunch

1 pm
Safe and satiated journeys home.

Coming Soon

A Saskatchewan event presented by the Imaginarium Network in a historic venue on ancient healing ground…

Historic Danceland awaits us!

Our venue is the flagship of Manitou Beach, Danceland, renowned for its horse hair dance floor. Little Manitou Lake was a peaceful and healing gathering place long before the first settler found his way to her shores. Links to accommodation options and other local info are in the last section of this page.

Coming Soon

In community we trust…

Village Style

Village-style means that we’re congregating and organizing to harness the intelligence of village, which is a way to describe how community manifests when its people are connected to themselves within nature’s laws and intelligence. A village is its members — men, women, children, elders and the natural world — self-relying and collaborating good relationship for the benefit of all. In this way of seeing, authentic and naturally healthy community demands the natural expression of each being and the gifts we bring as individuals working together responsibly with appreciation for life and each other.

In some of the cultures where life continues in these old ways, they say that children and elders carry the weight of the village. Children have strong and clear powers for imagination and love. Elders have seasoned hearts of love and wisdom. The children just came from the Other World and the Elders are the next ones leaving for it. Neither are attached to much – yet or anymore. Together they hold the weight of the village with their powers for lightening the mood and stating the obvious.

Adults conduct the power as the primary managers and doers. When adults can relax, be open to receive and trust the children and Elders to carry the weight of the village, they have the space they need to reflect and refine, making choices and taking actions that are generative, logical and worth it.

When we relax into the rhythm and power of nature, including an organic humanity with instincts intact or returning, then we can dream the future of peace and vitality, and get on with the act of showing up present to put one foot in front of the other to make it so.

It’s a beautiful thing.

So, bring your family, your friends, and your cohorts in any group endeavor, and let’s spend a weekend remembering what it means to feel positively alive together. We will have fun, talk about what matters, bring a little intuitive organization to our next three months, and give the children a chance to learn and play together in the village. They will contribute their needs, ideas and values through their pictures and stories of time with nature, each other and village present.

Get to Know Your Accommodations

We have a number of options for accommodations including B&Bs, inns, cabins, motels and the Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa. Use “Imaginarium Network” to get a special event rate at the spa. Follow these links to see what’s available.

Danceland is easy to find by following the main road through the village eastward. Parking is available and it’s also walkable from many of the village accommodation options.

Registrations, Memberships & Potluck Contributions …

Members Only

Membership in the association qualifies you for in person and online event registration. The membership agreement and fee are incorporated into the registration process for this event.

This is a member’s only event. The purpose of a private member’s association is to remind us all that we are personally responsible for ourselves, expressing ourselves, deriving value and engaging with one another with respect and in good faith.


Individual is $5.

Business is $25.
A business membership gives you an individual membership + a business listing in the online community (Coming in March 2022) and access to business features at future live events.

Purchase a membership only.

Accessible Registration Fees are:
$50 per person 18+ (under 18 with adults get in free)
$75 per family of two adults (under 18 with adults get in free)
$25 per post-secondary student *Student ID req.

$100 per business

We accept both donations and requests for sponsorship of registration fees.

Worker Exchange

Would you like to work for your registration fee?

We need workers to help with kitchen, learning activities, at the door and for set up and clean up. At $12.50/hour, a four duty hours will cover registration for an individual.


We are pioneering a village-style hybrid of potluck and provided meals.

Breakfast is on your own each day.

Friday’s lunch is bring your own in a bag.

For the rest of the meals, we will provide and prepare the meat. Please bring some thing(s) from the following list to fill in the rest.

Bread and buns for the weekend
Make your own or bring something from your local bakery. Gluten free options too please. The bread will be used at all meals, so we will need quite a lot. Deliver to the kitchen anytime Friday or Saturday morning.

Hot and cold side dishes for Saturday evening’s feast
Please bring them ready to heat/cook or serve. Please list ingredients for the safety and comfort of food sensitive folks. Deliver to the kitchen after lunch on Saturday please. Thanks.

Veggies for Saturday’s soup lunch
Our team will make the soup with your veggie contributions. Please deliver to the kitchen Friday night or Saturday morning.

Chips, popcorn, squares, cookies, fruit and veggie trays – whatever you like – for Friday night, Saturday coffee breaks, Saturday night. Deliver to the kitchen anytime.

Juice, sparkly drinks, kombucha & teas for the crowd. You can deliver these to the kitchen anytime.

If you want an alcoholic drink in the evenings, please BYOB and plan to govern yourself responsibly. This is a private family-oriented event, like a reunion. Don’t be that aunt, uncle or cousin providing the spirited drama and getting the whole clan into hot water and ill repute! 🙂

We will provide coffee, tea, cream, sweeteners and condiments.

Some final food related thoughts!

We have limited storage room in the kitchen, and so the staggered delivery preferences are for space management. Thank you for following these if you can, and if the plan just doesn’t work for you, we will adapt. Given the time of year, people’s cars make good freezers.

If you love to cook creatively, then Saturday evening’s sides and desserts are your chance to showcase your talent and love. We are providing poultry and beef. The rest is up to you! Please list all ingredients to help those with allergies and sensitivities.

If you have allergies or sensitivities, then please bring something that meets your own needs.

Happy Nautilus World

Imaginarium Network

The Imaginarium Network is a new collaborative of workers bringing forward solutions for our future delivered to community via a private members’ community. Please peruse the website to get a sense of what we’re up to, and if you are interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.