We are a growing team of evolutionary souls bringing our full humanity to creation and population of spaces that facilitate the materialization of our new and better world.

Jani B-Good

Artist, Aspiring show host, Dreaming, Project Coordination

I am an innovative problem-solver, dynamic researcher and an exuberant, energetic being. Helping people is not just something I enjoy, but something I was born to do and have been doing naturally my whole life. It is my greatest calling to be involved in the co-creation of newer and better options for those of us who are outgrowing the old paradigm, aka status quo. I am an artist and artisan, using a variety of mediums for my creations including wire jewelry, painting, performance arts and most recently, video-clip art.

My home is situated on the fringe of the Boreal Forest in picturesque Nipawin Saskatchewan. I live here with my love, Tom G-Note, and our 7-year-old son.

Linda Cimpric

Educator, Frequency Holder, Dreaming

I am a deeply creative being who imagines the world as a playground of possibility. Valuing truth, sovereignty, and relationship, I have hope for a future where these values are alive in all, and where people join together in peace and communion with Mother Earth.

I am a student and educator who is always open to new ways of learning. Much of my education has come from my evolution as a woman, mother, step-mother, and the best one yet…grandmother. My husband Adam and I reside in Saskatoon, close to our children and grandchildren, who continue to teach us to be open hearted and let love flow.

I envision a future where learning is natural, fluid, and led by curiosity. I have always been a pioneer of sorts, and desire to be involved in the creation of the new world. What is possible?

Patti Lindgren

Show host, Dreaming, Salty Doula

I am a dreamer, artist, map maker, natural intelligence educator and salty doula for people, communities and culture on the way to life in synch with life itself.

I am also mother of two growns, grandmother to one fresh little human, mate to Rick. master to dog Sage & slave to cat Freya. The animals and I love to roam the lands of Little Manitou in Saskatchewan where we also lay our heads at night, just a few miles down the road from the earth spot that I and my paternal line sprung from in Canada. The spirituality of my ancestors is a combination of nature-based Celt and mythic journey-based Norse.

I am one of the original three initiators of the Imaginarium, acting coordinator for the Holistic leadership unit, and the the creator and host of The Big Medicine Show where I will be conversing with interesting people in the realms of our awakening journeys, nature’s frequencies and laws, and the creative ways we are changing the way we do ourselves in life and community.

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Winston Smith

White Knight Technocrat, Sardonic Comedy Relief

Winston was born in 1984 with a delightfully weird sense of humour and a transcendent purpose in the Guild of the White Knight Technocrats. Winston serves both the Imaginarium Network and the Sovereign Commons sister project as lead contributor to the technology team.

Special thanks to Jon Ellis of Kitchner, ON and Ann Marie Cross of Port Hope, ON for their gifts given in the originating of the Imaginarium Network and their ongoing support from the wings.

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