Wisdom Council

In nature’s world order, wisdom leads from the outer ring, guiding the well-being of all from a place of lived experience and innate intelligence – rooted in life, open to innovating and outcomes.

The Wisdom Council surrounds the Imaginarium Hub, a ring of safety and support for workers and members.

Wisdom Council Members are evolutionary souls with earned and innate wisdom in life, health, and the transformation who are willing to serve people and community patiently, lovingly, authentically in good timing.

The role of the Wisdom Council is to provide wise support to the Imaginarium Network unfolding in and of itself, and to the people engaging as contributors to the work and content unfolding in the hub.

You will help The Imaginarium Network population attune evolutionary purpose, principles, agreements, goals and honest joy. You will help guide us to a fully accountable grassroots organism operating transparently, abundantly, cleverly and to excellent effect.

If you are practicing objectivity, discernment, clarity and care from a detached place; if you are aware that we are in a shift of ages and re-attuning to nature’s world order; if you are interested in serving this way, please let us know.

Thank you for taking on the healing work of the journey into eldership, and your willingness to serve humanity in a time when the gravitas of earned wisdom and humble spiritual counsel are dearly needed.

If you do not feel qualified to serve on council but are ready to attune to the organic role of eldership, please join in anyway, and state your personal desire to be part of a community learning how to work with wisdom in health and confidence for the good of all beings somewhere in your response.