Work with us

We are calling for the right people to sit in the right seats for coordinating and contributing roles in our emergence.

Are you interested in and committed to helping to create and share this leading edge support for our people and world as we get our bearings and begin to create the future together? Are you looking for a supportive community in which you can author and manifest your own destiny in life and livelihood?

If you have abilities, skill, time, passion and commitment to invest in generating your new healthy livelihood or service as a person with wisdom for healthy and natural life and community making, we are open and ready to receive your expression of interest.

We have a method for attaching that includes an expression of interest. Before you reach out, please make yourself familiar with the workspace and send your interest via the form to help us lead and manage the process as effectively as possible.

If you are wondering how this can become your Right livelihood….

Your investment of skill, talent, labour and commitment to share responsibility and follow through on what it is that you offer to the ‘business’ of the network will be part of our growth into an engine for trading goods and services. Out of that there will come income, and you will be compensated according to your contribution, effectiveness and integrity. We will work together to determine what Right compensation is for each contributor. Your work here may be one of your income streams or the whole stream, depending on how it fits for you and the Imaginarium.

It is looking right now as though we will become a private member association. We will put out levels of service based in a subscription model with additional offerings available a la carte, with discounts for members. This income will generate capacity to produce offerings of great value to all people in these times. The offerings will be rooted in helping humanity shift to a natural timeline of living in connection with life, land and community with abundance, safety and joy for all. .

When we begin to attract more resources coming in than we have workers to reciprocate, a fund will be born to help make activities that bring more health and vitality to the people of earth happen in communities everywhere.

The Network’s operations will be a conscious co-creation out of all who come.

Together we are pioneering tools, processes, conversations, framework, education, agreements and anything else needed to learn about and support people and communities naturalizing everywhere.

This is our present working model, with our particular work units inserted into the pie. This model, with a wisdom council around the outside, a leadership/management ring at the equator, and project coordination in the hub should be scalable to any group work of any kind.

Lead Facilitators – lead facilitators accept personal responsibility for coordinating the activities in their particular area and working with other area leads to create the collaborative leadership/management ring.

Contributors – contributors accept personal responsibility for assisting with the work in an area.

1.  Dreaming, Agreements & Accountability:  This area is for development and oversight on organizational statements of concept, intentions, relationships and values .  This area will lead us in fine tuning the articulation of purpose and agreements for working together cleanly, accountably, and with great effect. You will help develop orientation processes for new arrivals and keep the project and it’s people on track with appropriate checks and balances for a transparent and capable operation.

2.  Wisdom Council/Spiritual Counsel:  This role is for the development and ongoing care of our spiritual and wisdom resources. The Wisdom Council will help hold those who come to the Imaginarium as workers, subscribers and contributors accountable for themselves and the project in every way. The transformative process in life and livelihood is a spiritual and relational challenge for most of us. Your presence and support will help our people and project develop true to essence in a calm steady way.

3. Technical Infrastructure: This area is all in with designing/building/connecting technical infrastructure to meet Imaginarium broadcast and community connection needs. Where it makes sense, we will partner up with existing projects to maximize impact, value and togetherness.

4. Content Creation and Creators. This area will coordinate and guide content creation plans and timelines, recruit, receive and support creators.

5. Content Production and Choreography. This area is for coordinating the work of a team of support people and infrastructure to facilitate content production and dissemination by all contributing creators and space holders.

6. Community Engagement. You will oversee all matters and instruments for populating the network, engaging with audience and building community. Your work will help to ground, centre and integrate the needs, potential and resources of living people into living economies of synergy and coherence in local, regional, planetary and specific interest communities.

7. Resources and Reciprocity. This area will develop and implement instruments for member, audience and customer reciprocity to the network and its creators as well as the compensation model for all on the Imaginarium Network team. You will attract and liaise with investors and donors in the network. You will also develop a public support fund where excess revenue is shared with people to help manifest and proliferate evolutionary activities, projects and processes.

8. Holistic Leadership. You will hold the entire Imaginarium in the big picture, connecting and facilitating smooth generation of relationships, service and products in all segments of the wheel working in partnership with other lead facilitators in all segments of the pie.

9. Project Coordination. You are like mortar between bricks, bees pollinating a garden and the drumbeat that keeps the rhythm of a kickass song. You are an intuitive, innovative, task and organizing force of nature. You will work closely with the Holistic Leadership unit and all others to superboost the network and its impact.

Your genius will lie in natural abilities for feeling forward, backward and into the now in the big picture. You will be great at delegating to, inspiring and encouraging others to become the best at themselves in great placement with an honest and engaging team.

Team Members in All Areas

If you are not inclined to lead facilitation but would like to apply to contribute in any one of the project’s focus areas described above, please express your interest as a contributor to the unit(s) of your choice.

Content Creators provide the infinity spark for the frequency of evolutionary creativity.

Learn more about the opportunity to add your genius to the content offerings of the Imaginarium Network.

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